Learn the fundamentals behind Yin Yoga.

Where did Yin Yoga come from?
What are target areas and where are they in the body?
How can I manage injuries of my students or my own?

Yin Yoga: Theory will give you a solid foundation of knowledge for you as a student or teacher of Yin Yoga.

Gain a thorough understanding of the importance of target areas, the fundamental principles of Yin Yoga, how to manage injuries so you can provide a safe practise for yourself and your students with this completely online Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

 Discover the 24 different Yin Yoga target areas in the human body.

• Better management of injuries for a safer Yin Yoga practise.

 Gain access to 18 video lessons and over 3 hours learning content.

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Online Yin Yoga Theory Course

Who is this Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training for? 

✓ Current Yoga teachers who want to learn more about Yin Yoga.

✓ Yin Yoga instructors who want to deepen their Yin knowledge and want to improve their classes.

✓ Students of all styles Yoga who want to learn more about the Yin Yoga practise.

✓ Yogis who love Yin Yoga who want to teach it in the future.

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course

Deepen your knowledge of Yin Yoga

To the outside eye, Yin Yoga often appears as a simple practice. People are often surprised at how in-depth the theory component is of this course. As facilitators of this practice, it is paramount that we understand the physiology, behaviour and needs of the yin tissues of the body. This kind of anatomical content is often more advanced to include in a foundational yoga teacher training, but absolutely essential to understand if we are to provide a safe class for our students. 

A really good example from this content is understanding why the “rebound” in between yin yoga shapes is so important. If there is no rebound being included after a long-held yin practice, then the tissues do not receive a period of rest, which could make them more vulnerable to injury. 

Throughout the Yin Theory training, we will cover the physiology of the yin tissues of the body, as well as the history of yin yoga, the philosophical foundations, and the framework of how to hold space and approach the students when they need support and props.

Online Yin Yoga Theory
Learn Target Areas

Detailed explanations of the 14 Skeletal Segments and 10 Myofascial Groups comprising the Yin Yoga Target Areas and where they are in the body.

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course
Injury Management

Learn best practise for managing injuries for yourself and your students in your Yin Yoga classes.

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course
How Is Yin Yoga Safe

How we train our Yin tissues to provide a safe Yin Yoga practise, and how to introduce alternative to our students where needed.

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course

18 Lessons with 3+ hours of video content

  1. What is Yin & What is Yang?, Fundamental Principles
  2. What is Yin Yoga?
  3. The Intention, A Balancing Practise
  4. What is a Target Area?
  5. The Three Principles of Yin Yoga
  6. Benefits Of The Practise
  7. The Target Area
  8. Target Areas: Skeletal
  9. Target Areas: Myofascial
  10. What is an "edge"
  11. What am I feeling in the Target Area
  12. Negotiating Injuries, Acute Injuries & Healing
  13. Phases of Healing, Yin Yoga & Acute Injuries, Chronic Injuries
  14. How is Yin Yoga safe?, Exercising Tissues
  15. Fascial Training, the Importance of the Rebound, Compression, Rebound variations
  16. What a Yin Shape tells the body, How long to hold shapes in Yin Yoga, How much stress is Safe?
  17. How much "stretch" is safe?, Why am I not using my Bandhas? Why am I stretching my joints?
  18. How much is too much and how much is not enough?

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course

Meet Your Teacher:



Karina Smith is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer & Educator. She currently runs her own Chinese Medicine Clinic in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.  

A career in contemporary dance led to the healing power of Yoga, which sewed the seed for her journey to Chinese Medicine.

Passionate about healing and the health of others, Karina brings her combined knowledge of acupuncture and herbal therapy together with her experience as a meditation, mindfulness, yoga and movement teacher to her patients and students alike. 

She has studied extensively both internationally and in Australia including two respective 350hr Teacher Trainings (The Australian Yoga Academy and Shantarasa Institute, Gujurat India), and has been fortunate to be a student of both Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley in North America. 

As a teacher for more than a decade, Karina has taught Meditation Vinyasa, Flow and of course Yin, and is currently a lecturer for The Australian Yoga Academy.

@drkarinasmith • drkarinasmith.com

Online Yin Yoga Theory Course

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